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2013 - Special School and Health Insurance Conference
The China Foundation received an emergent donation from Ms. Jena Martin for the Jingning School's Special Education Division in Gansu Province. In July, 2013, Mr. Xiao-lin Shi visited the students and teachers of the school.
The China Foundation's Chairman Dr. Hu is working with thought leaders in Beijing to organize an International Conference on Health Insurance in Beijing. This Conference is being planned for later 2014 at Peking University.
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Official Memorandum of Cooperation & Press Conferences to Launch a Joint HIV/AIDS Project in China
Programs & Initiatives
Initiatives to Assist Under-Served Regions in China:
1) To provide strategic assistance to rural China to fight against infectious diseases such as AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and SARS.
2) To provide basic medical services and....
Contributions Appreciated
The General China Foundation Fund supports China Foundation's programs and projects. The Foundation maintains near-zero overhead, operates on volunteer basis, and commits to use all funds to benefit under-served people in remote rural area of China. To donate online using a credit card to the General China Foundation Fund, please click the donation button:     
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Today, more than ever, we are called to charity and to love one another. In the 21st century, our world becomes more intimately interrelated. whatver happens in one part of the world impacts all of us.

China Foundation®, Inc. USA, was established in February 1997 by the effort of a group of distinguished leaders of the Asian/Chinese American communities in the Untied States, hence the name -- China Foundatiopn Inc. USA.

As a U.S.-based charity organization with a global vision, we seek to enhance the global sense of charity through the effort to improve the quality of life of the poor and th needy in the deprived areas of the world. We believe every child has the right to fulfill his or her potential and we strive to provide them the opportunity through our efforts. By initiating and coordinating global and regional programs, we strive to provide health and education services to the needy and the poor.

Sincerely Yours,
Jane H. Hu, Ph. D.
Chairman, China Foundation®, Inc., USA

Forum on HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention
June 1, 2007 - The first school for children with HIV/AIDS in China helds its Opening Ceremony and fund raising event on the International Children's Day. More than 500 people including the local and central government officials, artists, movie stars, reporters, TV stations and interested domestic and international representatives participated in this significant event.

China Foundation Annual Board Meeting
Dec 2012 - The China Foundation 2012 Annual Meeting was held in Washington DC. The Board Members, invited guests, and Foundation Officers heard reports about progress on the Education and Health Programs, reviewed financial reports, and reviewed proposals for next year's healthcare projects and education projects.
Center of Excellence in the Infectious Disease Hospital
September 16, 2006 - The Center of Excellence, LinFen County, Shanxi Province. The Officers of the China Foundation and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, along with Dr. Monica Sweeney, Former Member of US Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, visited the Center of Excellence in the Infectious Disease Hospital of LinFen County, Shanxi Province. The Center of Excellent is a joint project of the China Foundation and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) for AIDS treatment and training.